Directory of Sweet Pea Varieties


The main purpose of this directory is as a point of reference for anyone who has come across the name of an unfamiliar sweet pea and wishes to learn more about it. Owing to the huge number of sweet peas which are or have been in cultivation, this is inevitably a work in progress. I have started with current and recent Spencer sweet pea varieties, as well as some of the more familiar grandifloras. The scope of the directory will gradually be extended to include other types of sweet pea as time permits.


For brevity, each sweet pea has a letter after its name, defining the group to which it belongs. These classifications are not absolute, as some sweet peas are intermediate in character. Where known the name of the breeder and the date of origin/introdution are also given.


The availability of individual sweet pea varieties changes from year to year and is beyond the scope of this directory. The National Sweet Pea Society, however, produces a classification list each year which lists the stockists for each variety which is currently available. Joining the society is recommended for anyone interested in sweet peas.