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Narcissus romieuxii

by Mark Rowland


The earliest flowering of the hoop petticoat daffodils, Narcissus romieuxii is an easy and attractive miniature for the alpine house. Formerly classed as a subspecies of Narcissus bulbocodium, but hybrids between the two species have been shown to be sterile, and it is, in fact, more closely related to Narcissus cantabricus.

Narcissus romieuxiiNarcissus romieuxii flower


A very variable species in the wild, varying in colour from white to bright yellow. Most cultivated stocks of Narcissus romieuxii are much more uniform with mostly cream or primrose flowers. The leaves of cv. "Joy Bishop" (pictures above) are remarkably stiff and erect.


North Africa, widespread in the Rif, the High Atlas and the Middle Atlas, growing in woodland and more open situations in both acidic and basic soils.


Narcissus romieuxii is easily propagated by seed which is produced freely, or by natural division of the bulbs. Some forms in cultivation are selected clones which do not set seed to their own pollen, but which compensate by dividing even more generously.


Best grown in pans in the alpine house due to the very early flowering. Prefers a warm dry period in summer, but otherwise undemanding.

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